About Me SadError404

Hello, Im Vinc. Im 23 years old and a digital artist and creator for about 8 years now.

Since i was a little child i was interested in arts like painting and handcrafting. I always liked to paint in art classes all thought my skill was just decent.

What i am doing now really just began when i was 15 and in year ten of school. There was this guy in my parallel class that always dressed kinda cool in my opinion. So i asked him about it which led to him introducing me to Yung Lean’s music. Listening to Yung Lean’s Music also brought me to the Vaporwave Genre, which i would say had the biggest influence on the Art i create today. Throught Yung Lean i also discovered the Gravity Boys (nowadays known as Drain Gang) which also had a rly huge influence on me with their aesthetic.

After i discovered Vaporwave, YL, GTB and the whole culture around them i began to start making Vaporwave pictures on some shitty mobile apps and posted them on Facebook and Instagram.

Not too long after i started posting my edits, a guy my age messaged me. He invited me to be part of his collective as a visual artist. He also gave me my artist name „SadError404“. The collective also had producers and other artists but it kinda got inactive at some point which led to me leaving it eventually.

Fast foward a few years till now. I still enjoy all the stuff from when i started. I began to use Photoshop and got more professional. I also tried myself at making music which didnt rly work and also began to play around with video editing software. Recently i began to design my own clothes and NFTs.

On this website i will post everything i make from now and the remains from the older days i find.

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I hope you enjoy the Content.

Yours Sincerely SadError404